Collection of Mood Boards – Style Inspirations and Ideas for your Projects. 


Caribbean Island- ‘Cuba Style’ Houses- Mixed Media Artwork ‘WhatFreedom is about 2’- Mixed Media Artwork- Invitation to talk and socialise.


‘Sunset’- Original Painting- Collection Abstract- Black and White Still Life – No Message in a bottle 2a and 3a- Limited Editions Prints- Collection Home and Objects.



‘Les Mille et Trois Nuits’- Collection Abroad- Series Dubai and the Middle East. Painting and Limited Edition Print. Dubai The City of Life 3, Mixed Media artwork using Photography.Abu Abu Dhabi Mosque beautiful view. Arabic mosaic art.
Abstract Figurative- Cubist style-Mixed collage artwork on paper
New Delhi Market – India- Limited Edition Prints, ‘Banana On the Run’, Collection Abstract and ‘Number 5’, Collection Abstract.
Seventies style. Original painting ‘Funky Pipe’Sold – Still available in Limited Edition Print, Collection ‘Abstract’. I Like Maths, Series of 6 Limited Edition Prints.