Marie F Turner - Visual Artist, Painter & Illustrator, writer

Based in DUBAI, UAE

Having lived in Paris and London, and travelled throughout Europe, Asia and the USA, I create ongoing collections of images, using the many influences in my life. I also undertake commission work and bespoke projects for clients, both corporate and private,

My artwork is contemporary, diverse and vibrant, with my consistent identity and vivid color palette. 

“I want my work to be lively, vibrant and energetic, and to give the observer a feeling of positivity and optimism”.

Cowboy Family 3, Theme Mexico, Collection Abroad

Cowboy Family 3, Theme Mexico, Collection Abroad

My portfolio consists of various ongoing collections of artworks, dedicated to one specific theme, which may contains several sub series.

  • Ballerinas and Figures collection

  • Abroad collection

  • My Home and Objects collection

  • Abstract collection

  • Life is Fun collection

  • Mia4Kids collection

    Each Collection and series contains, original artwork, limited edition prints, or/and open prints. Some of the artwork already created can be customised to your specific requirements.